My favourite and most challenging customer would have to be my Husband.
Founder BlogJuly 03, 2018
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Throughout my on and off 20 year career in Parts Interpreting I have supplied a lot of parts to a lot of customers but my favourite and most challenging customer would have to be my Husband. He has always had a some sort of project in various stages to work on in the shed and the fact that I work in Automotive Parts is a added bonus to his hobby.


He seems to always be fixing, servicing or rebuilding one of his vehicles. From timing belt kits, filters and oils for his 80 Series Landcruiser (the everyday run about), to the most memorable part a uni joint for a RX-3 Mazda Rotary. He called me in a panic so I had to go and open the shop look up the listing (in those days it was only books, no computer catalogues) and then I had to deliver it to him as he was racing at the Innisfail Mundoo Drag Strip.


He’s latest project is a VH Commodore that he has reupholstered the interior and revamped the exterior back to top condition. The motor however is needing improvement so it is being rebuilt and this is where my knowledge of parts and where to find them helps keep the stress at a minimum, for both of us. I have been able to supply a multitude of items which included piston rings, Big end engine bearings, numerous gaskets, spark plugs and engine oil. So I hope to hear the purr of the V8 again very soon.


I love the challenge of sourcing these types of products from our suppliers as it is different from the day to day inquiries on wheel bearings and hubs. This also has helped me with increasing my product knowledge which assists me in helping other customer inquiries and providing a great customer service experience.


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