Good Old Fashioned Customer Service
Founder BlogMay 05, 2017
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I think most online shoppers have experienced that blatant lack of service at one point in there online shopping history. There does seem to be a disconnect between the service offered face to face vs the contact channels you get through an online business.

For Allied Bearings & Tools this has been a huge focus as we move more & more into the e-commerce sector of the auto parts industry. We didn’t want to lose that good old fashioned customer service that our clients have come to expect over the counter the last 35 years. We have invested a lot of time, money & training to try and carry this level of service over to the digital world. It is very easy to forget that personal touch & basic manners when the customer is not standing right there in front of you. To this end we have developed a great deal of structure around our in-house training to ensure our digital sales team understand how it feels to be in the customer's shoes & remove those pain points of online shopping. We want returns, inquiries & response times to be no different to what we offer our customers face to face in-store.

As a result of this focus, we have found that we have really been able to set ourselves apart from our competition by exceeding our customers expectations of what online shopping should be. Moving forward our focus will be to extend this service to be available the same hours our website operates, 24/7. With people’s lives getting ever increasingly busy, we think it is important to be accessible at all hours to meet customers availability. Service has always been the foundation of what we do & we don’t think it should be any different just because we can’t see you.

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