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Chris took the Allied sponsored hilux down to the Ried River meet last weekend. Here is his report from the weekend:

There has been quite a few mods done to the vehicle since last comp, many untested. So there has been an addition of an eaton m90 supercharger, changes to the fuel system, fitment of Fox Hydro bumpstops and spring changes and a few cosmetic changes to fit the blower. We started the weekend off well with 2nd place in the high speed stage. Then we had technical winching stages. On one of the stage 3 winch walls I went a bit heavy on the loud pedal and managed to shatter the front diff. With no spare on hand we had to make do by retiring and having a few ale's and enjoyed watching the fellow competitors. A new diff centre with stronger nitro gears is currently being built along with a few other mods before the annual MORC comp early next year.

Bad luck Chris! Look foward to seeing more action next year!