18th - 20th May 2018 Carnage Offroad Sarina
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Between 18 - 20 May, Chris & his newly acquired GU Patrol headed down to Sarina to compete in the annual Carnage Off Road event. There was plenty of competition with 32 open class vehicles accompanied by 7 more in the deadly daily class.


This event was a massive effort as just weeks before Chris purchased a new truck. A GU Patrol sporting a beasty 6.0L LS2 V8 & massive bypass shocks. Chris stated “we clocked up over 200 hours preparing it for the event. It really came down to the wire getting it ready in time.”


Most amusingly the new truck was kept a complete secret from Chris’s long time navigator, Tyson. Tyson met us at the race. He was totally shocked and surprised. Left a little speechless Tyson blurted out “that's a GU man, it’s not a Hilux”


With very minimal seat time in the new, almost untested truck & first time competing at the Carnage Offroad event we went into it with the main aim of going home with a drive-able truck. We had heard rumours before the weekend that there was a grueling 3 hour endurance stage. Just finishing this stage would be an achievement.


It all kicked off on Friday night with a man made obstacle stage. This was a good shake down to allow truck & driver to become better acquainted.


Saturday started with technical winch stages in the surrounding creeks. This session even included some car on car winching. Next up we had a high speed night stage. This wasn’t as daunting as it sounds as we had a few practice runs of this stage in daylight earlier. The high speed stage was action packed with the inclusion of whoops, table top jumps, straightaways and sharp hairpin turns. We really enjoyed this stage, it really got the adrenaline pumping through the body. To cap off the spectacle there was a couple of roll overs, including one competitors night ending with their truck on fire! Given this, we were stoked to have finished with no damage or breakages for the day. Time to relax & prepare for the final day of competition.


A sunday dawned, we discovered the dreaded 3 hour endurance race was next up & included mandatory pit stops. This stage consisted of a 15km loop with the goal being to complete more laps than our competitors in the allocated time. Placing 4th on this stage out of the winch trucks and 9th overall (which includes SXS buggies) we were pretty happy with the result considering it was the first hit out with the GU. The only real damage done was a broken exhaust mount and worn out suspension bushes and brakes. The bushes & brakes received a constant hammering over the endurance stage so this was expected to a point.


We achieved our goal of being able to drive it back onto the trailer under its own power at the end of the weekend. With only minor damage, maintenance & a good wash required when we got home, the GU had served us well on its first outing.  16th overall for the weekend against some very stiff competition, we were more then happy with this result considering the car takes some getting use too with the monstrous cammed LS2 under the hood.



All in all this was a great weekend and we'll be back with bells on next year. Special thanks to Allied Auto Online for supplying a diff rebuild kit and fan belts before this race. Your generous support over the previous 12 months with many parts and supplies has been greatly appreciated.


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