30th June - 1st July 2018 - Reid River Comp Townsville
Founder BlogJuly 03, 2018
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We didn’t have the most successful weekend in Townsville for the Reid River Comp, destroying both diff centres causing us to be an early retirement for the weekend. We thought we worked out a way to get back in the game. However after all the hard work, organising and replacing the back we had the front fail the very next stage for the exact same reason. I would like to say thank you to all the other teams that lent equipment and Ashley Zeller for his time not to mention all the other people that just walked in and gave us a hand. Dale Buttersworth for pulling a spare out and meeting Kylie with it at the servo. Jason Head for organising it. Thanks to my darling wife Kylie Wieden for sorting it and picking it up with Emma PascoeTyson Pascoe for all the time spent under the car rather then in it! I still reckon winch truck brings out the best sportsmanship of any motorsport. Thanks also to Rob Lattimore from Allied Auto Online, Tuff Tyres Cairns and Casey’s Battery Centre for their continued support.

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