Timing Belt Kit & Water Pump For Ford Laser KN KQ Mazda 323 BJ ZM 1.6L Dohc

Timing Belt Kit & Water Pump For Ford Laser KN KQ Mazda 323 BJ ZM 1.6L Dohc

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Now we're getting somewhere! While you're in there, you might as well do the water pump. I mean... it just makes sense, right?


Note: 2000, 5000, 7000 and Redline packages not currently available for this vehicle.



  • Ford Laser KN ZM 1.6 Litre Dohc (03/1999 - 04/2001)
  • Ford Laser KQ ZM 1.6 Litre Dohc (04/2001 - 08/2002)
  • Mazda 323 BJ ZM 1.6 Litre Dohc (09/1998 - 05/2002)


What You Get:

  • 1 X Tensioner Bearing
  • 1 X Idler
  • 1 X Gates Timing Belt
  • 3 X Oil Seals (cam & Crank Seals)
  • 1 X Water Pump




Peace of mind. Rest easy knowing your timing belt is a Genuine Gates belt. Gates is the words largest manufacturer of timing belts. If there is a car around the world with a timing belt in it, it is most likely that Gates has the replacement part. Gates timing belts are OE equivalent or better in service life and performance.

Running with your Gates timing belt are our superior tensioners and idlers. We only use the best possible componentry when assembling our kits. The majority of our bearings are either Japanese or Korean. So I'm sure you're asking 'How come they're so cheap if they aren't Chinese?!'. Over the last 35 years in this industry, we have gathered and collected loads of information. We have combined all this info to produce our own kit range and procure all our own componentry. By having this flexibility, we can hand pick the best possible brands for your particular vehicle and assemble it all for you at our Brisbane Kitting Facility.



Need some technical info? Sure, here you go!

  • TIMING BELT TEETH: 123 x 8mm Pitch
  • OE Spec Timing Belt Tensioner
  • OD (Bearing): 52mm
  • High Temperature, Directional Cam Shaft Oil Seal
  • High Temperature, Directional Front Crankshaft/Timing Cover Seal
  • OE Spec Water Pump


All our timing belt kits are warrantied for the full length of the original manufacturer's recommended timing belt service interval - conditions apply. All kits utilize a genuine Gates brand belt with the exception of kit numbers ending in “Z”, these contain the more economical “Optibelt” brand belts. All timing belt kits are assembled in house, only using suppliers & componentry that has proven reliable over the 35 years we have been in business. If you are unsure of fitment for your particular make & model, please check with our customer service team before purchase.


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