Two (2) Rear Wheel Bearing Kits for Toyota Hilux 2WD RZN147 RZN149 RZN154 with ABS

Two (2) Rear Wheel Bearing Kits for Toyota Hilux 2WD RZN147 RZN149 RZN154 with ABS

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Two Brand New Rear Wheel Bearings Kits


The Howler

Both Sides

Let’s face it, my tyres and wheels are what connect me to the road. I want to make damn sure that we’re going to be safe! What better way than to change both sides. I mean, one side went, so the other side can’t be too far off, right? This package includes enough components to do both sides of your beloved vehicle. Gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing all your bearings are brand new!



  • Hilux 2WD RZN147 1RZ (1997-2002) with ABS
  • Hilux 2WD RZN149 3RZ (1997-2005) with ABS
  • Hilux 2WD RZN154 3RZ (1998-2005) with ABS


What You Get...

  • Axle rings  
  • Both sides rear wheel bearings
  • Both sides rear seals
  • Oil seals
  • O-rings


What you REALLY Get...

The peace of mind knowing that you have the best possible componentry fitted to your vehicle backed by an Australian Owned company that has been around since 1982.  

Over the last 36 years in this industry, we have gathered and collected loads of information. We have combined all this info to produce our own kit range and procure all our own componentry. By having this flexibility, we can hand pick the best possible brands for your particular vehicle and assemble it all for you at our Brisbane Kitting Facility.

Also included in this kit is our world class warranty against any defects or manufacturing faults.


The Nitty Gritty:

  • Axle rings: 40mm x 40mm
  • Bearings: 40mm x 90mm
  • Seals: 50mm x 70mm
  • Oil seals: 54mm x 64mm
  • O-rings: 90mm x 3mm


Rest easy, knowing your dealing with a 100% Australian Owned & Operated business. Allied Auto Online started out as a small local bearing store in Cairns, North Queensland back in 1982. From these very humble beginnings the business continued to grow over the years and became a well respected established local Cairns business. Fast forward to 2013, the business entered the digital age armed with the great service & knowledge they have developed & fine tuned over the years as local store. It didn’t take long for the online savvy shoppers to start clicking on the Allied name, seeing the online side of the business grow rapidly. This soon saw a distribution warehouse being established in Brisbane to better serve the plethora of new Allied customers online. Allied’s online market continued to grow & now has become its own entity separate from the local store, ALLIED AUTO ONLINE. Now being driven by a highly motivated team, dedicated to maintaining & improving the digital shopping experience for old & new customers alike, & doing it at a great price!


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